Travel with Cobi

Here are reviews of some of the places I have been.



This is Wroclaw's Town Hall in the city's Market Square. Wroclaw is famous for its gnomes, and they are scattered all over the city. It was fun hunting for them, and you can log all the ones you find on an App. You can see some pictures of some of the gnomes that I found on the site here.

The city has an amazing Zoo with a huge Africarium. It has many fish, manatees, crocodiles, rays and sharks from all over Africa.   

We stayed on the edge of the city centre close to the Sky Tower. You can go up to an observation deck that has incredible views all over the city. It is the highest viewpoint in Poland.

I would love to go back to Wroclaw and I would recommend that you should go too.


Warsaw is the capital of Poland.

This is the Palace of Culture and Science in the centre of the city. It is 237 meters high and is the tallest building in Poland. We went up to the viewing platform about halfway up and it allowed us to see all over the city.

Most of Warsaw was blown up during the Second World War. At the mostly demolished Saxon Palace is the tomb of the unknown soldier. There is only one small part of the building left and it is now a War Memorial. There is a guard of honour at the tomb and we were able to watch the changing of the guard.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. I was lucky to be in Budapest for their State Foundation Day, August 20th.  It remembers the first King of Hungary, St Stephen and there were celebrations all over the city.  In the morning, they flew military helicopters over the Danube and had people parachuting into the river. It was very cool.  Later in the evening they put up a stunning fireworks display. They lasted about 30 minutes and went off from three different places, so they were all around. They were the best I have ever seen.


There is lots to do in Budapest.  I went on a sightseeing bus that gave a guided tour of the city.  I went to the Cittadel a military fortress on top of Gellert Hill.  It has amazing views of Buda Castle, the city and the Danube.  I was lucky to go on a cruise along the Danube too.


Since my wee brother loves trains, we also visited the Hungarian Railway History Park. It has many old Hungarian and Soviet engines and a massive turntable. It is a great place to run about and play in the old trains as it was not very busy.


I loved Bratislava. We stayed in an apartment on the edge of the city.

I went up the UFO Tower, there is a restaurant at the top and it has a great view, you can see all the way over to Austria! It was my idea to eat there and it served delicious waffles with ice cream. I highly recommend it.

The city has some nice street art including the statue of a man in the sewer and is nice to walk around as it is a small city.

The Bratislava Castle is good and is a great place for a nice family selfie. There is also a very good Zoo which also has an awesome Dino Park.