My Food Page

Most people that know me know that I love eating. On this page I will share some pictures of my holiday food.

Warsaw has great Pizza. We went to a local pizza place, called New York Pizza Department. We ate with dad's friend Lukasz. We were able to sit outside under a huge white umbrella until it was dark. Think I ate it all.

Pizza is great holiday food. This one I picked in Wroclaw, on our first night on holiday. It was called American Dream. Dad picked the place because it was a sports bar but there was no sports on. har har har.


I got this Ice Cream in Brno. It was delicious. It was made to order in front of me on frozen plate and then rolled up. It was strawberry with mango sauce. I could of eaten way more than this. 


I got this ice cream at the Hard Rock in Prague. It was a vanilla sundae and I tried my best to eat it all, but it was too big. :(

I got this ice cream in Warsaw. It is traditional polish ice cream and it was like no other ice cream I've ever had before. This is a small ice cream :) It was sooo delicious.